Our Team

Our Team



Regional Director - Pennines Region

John Smith

Email: john.smith@motuscommercials.co.uk



Head of New Truck Sales - Pennines Region

Bob Stringer

Email: bob.stringer@motuscommercials.co.uk



Head of Parts Sales - Pennines Region

Gary Knight

Email: gary.knight@motuscommercials.co.uk



Used Truck Sales Manager - Pennines Region

Chris Thornton

Email: chris.thornton@motuscommercials.co.uk



Service Manager

Jon Cook

Email: jon.cook@motuscommercials.co.uk



Bodyshop Manager

Andy Douglas

Email: andy.douglas@motuscommercials.co.uk



New Truck Sales Executive

Christian Wordsworth

Email: christian.wordsworth@motuscommercials.co.uk



Parts Sales Executive

Cheryl Miller

Email: cheryl.miller@motuscommercials.co.uk



Parts Sales Executive

Anthony Morgan

Email: anthony.morgan@motuscommercials.co.uk