b'ELECTRICALS QUALITY PHILIPSASK FOR YOUR H7 BULBS FROM TRPFREEH7 choices of MasterLife,BULB POSTERThe comprehensiveMasterDuty and TRPCOVERING BOTH HGV &available for maximumLCV APPLICATIONSrange of lighting fromsafety, comfort and savingsMasterLife Bulbs last up TRP includes these to 1200 hours & with a minimum failure rate keeps high quality H7 bulbs trucks productive by minimizing time-consuming interruptionsfrom PHILIPS and TRP MasterDuty bulbs last up to 500 hours but have a reinforced mount and base guards to counter against shockTRP H7 Bulbs are the answerfor a reliable and value for money bulbMaximum vibration resistance FULL RANGE OF PHILIPS 24V & 12VBULBS AVAILABLEITEM TRP PART NUMBERMasterLife H7 1525810 CALL US FOR MasterDuty BlueVisionMasterDuty BlueVisionMasterLifeMasterLifeMasterDutyMasterDuty TRP TRP DETAILS MasterDuty H71525805Maximum xenon effectMaximum xenon effectBest-in-class lifetimeBest-in-class lifetimeBuilt to last Built to lastValue for moneyValue for moneyTRP H7 1528534MasterDuty BlueVision MasterLifeMasterDuty TRPLOW BEAM / HIGH BEAM / FRONT FOG LIGHTS / INTERIOR LIGHTS / DASHBOARD LIGHTS / FRONT INDICATORS FRONT POSITION LIGHTS / RUNNING LIGHTS / SIDE INDICATORS /REAR POSITION LIGHTS / REAR INDICATORS STOP LIGHTS / REVERSING LIGHTS/ LICENCE PLATE LIGHTS / REAR FOG LIGHTS / SPARE BULB KITSMaximum xenon effect Best-in-class lifetime Built to last Value for moneyLow Profile bars with magnetic or High intensity LEDsMinibars from Eccobolt fixings Multiple Flash patternsSuitable for wide range of applications,Clear and Amber optionsincluding vans, trucks, agricultural and Maximising light outputconstruction machines13972 13972H7 H7 A100 SERIES 5550 SERIES5565 SERIES 13972 The A100 Series is a low profile Minibar with a R65 LED MICROBAR R65 LED MINIBARH7 clear lens and amber LEDs. Bolt fixing. 12/24V,Reflex LED micorbars provide a super-compactReflex minibars are compact version of the 5550 Approval R10.yet powerful warning solution that offers theseries.TRP PART NUMBER MOUNT flexibility of either permanent or magnetic Eight LED reflectors modules, each comprising 9511094 Magnetic mounting and conforms to ECE R65.three LEDs provide high intensity light output9510330 1 Bolt Featuring 12-24VDC operation, the Reflex microbarCigarette plug with on/off and flash pattern uses high intensity LEDs to maximise light output.selection switch (vacuum-magnetic only)Users can select from 18 flash patterns, either via a trigger wire on permanent mount models or Polycarbonate base & low profile lensA520 SERIES cigarette switch on magnetic models.T emperature range -30C to +50CThe A520 Series is a popular R65 LED Minibar Four LED reflector modules, each containing 12 Amber illumination, 12/24V, 5.1 Amps available in 1 Bolt or Magnetic mounting options.LEDs provide high intensity light outputSuitable for a wide range of applications includingChoice of 18 flash patterns TRP PART NUMBER LENS TYPE MOUNTtrucks, vans, agricultural & construction machines. 2172401 Clear 1 Bolt Cigarette plug with on/off and flash pattern Low Profile bars with magnetic or bolt fixings selection switch (magnetic) 2172402 Clear 2 Bolt High intensity LEDs 2281670 Clear Magnetic Polycarbonate base & low profile lensSuitable for wide range of applications, including Syncable with existing Reflex line of minibars 2281671 Amber Magneticvans, trucks, agricultural and constructionR65Fast Double, Single and Quad Flash 2281672 Amber 2 Bolt Multiple Flash patternsT emperature range -30C to +50C 2281673 Amber 1 BoltClear and Amber optionsMaximising light output TRP PART NUMBER LENS TYPE MOUNTAmber, 12V/24V, Double Flash, 4.0Amps 2281668 Amber Permanent Fixing2281669 Clear MagneticTRP PART NUMBER MOUNT1963672 Magnetic1962673 1 Bolt6'